Strath Swap + Hot Rod Show

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Re: Strath Swap + Hot Rod Show

Post by Mick »

quick must go something is splashing all over my shoes :lol:
sometimes yor just better off shitting in yor hands and clapping

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Re: Strath Swap + Hot Rod Show

Post by Errol62 »

Yes well you must have had a good pair of axles Roger. My HK was very lucky in that it had a nasty vibration at about 65mph, so I limited my speed to 60. One day I got the uni joints replaced and the vibration went. All of a sudden I was driving back and forth at 80mph, with the rusted out y-frames. Sold the car to some nob for $250. He was a “chef” and tried to pay me with pizzas. I did 100,000 miles in that car in four years. The guy at the local servo had told me I should change the oil every 1000 miles. Engine never missed a beat and was the quietest idler I ever owned. I never tried to race other cars but some of the places I took it I was lucky to come back in it. Drove from Goolwa Beach to the Murray Mouth along the beach. No synchro in first, I wasn’t game to stop and turned around and drove straight back. Driving up in to the soft sand as waves crashed up the beach it would start to bog and stall. Crashing over limestone ridges to get to the surf and getting bogged in the sandhills.

Apologies for the dribble and splashing your dainty feet Mick...


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