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Re: Chev EK

Post by EK283 »

Thanks for all the comments guys.

So i started the fault finding on the dragging brakes and i have discovered it was pilot error on my behalf and not anything faulty, (although my money was on the booster !!)
What has happened is the measurements i made on the bench were correct but when i set everything in place the measurement i took was from the pushrod end, Well the pushrod doesn't contact on the end now does it, no, it makes contact on the outer edges so pushing the master cylinder in about 1mm too much and blocking the bypass port.
In the Fraud range of master cylinders they do not have a circlip at the back of the piston assembly and have to be preloaded accurately, i have also measured exactly where the piston needs to be and have gone off that measurement whilst adjusting the booster pushrod today.
IMG_2864.JPG (4.13 MiB) Viewed 91 times
IMG_2863.JPG (4.75 MiB) Viewed 91 times
The bypass port is a very tiny hole that lets the fluid come back into the master when the brakes get hot and the fluid starts to expand. If for any reason the port is blocked it will pressurise and keep the brakes engaged until the fluid cools and shrinks and at this point release the callipers.
Another byproduct of this is the pedal will go rock hard and it feels like the booster is not working,which is what i initially thought. In actual fact because the master is pressurised hydraulically there is no play for the pedal to move hence not allowing the vacuum valve inside the booster to operate. This is why it feels like no brakes but in reality they are not boosted and you need to press real hard for it to stop.
IMG_2865.JPG (4.71 MiB) Viewed 91 times
You can see the small port hole in the above shot, and you can also see the piston covers half the fluid porthole, this is now at its correct position for it to operate.
All fixed now, and i will test it next week.

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Re: Chev EK

Post by Errol62 »

Good news.

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Re: Chev EK

Post by Harv »

Sounds familiar - had to do the same mating the XA/B/C master to the Gemini booster. The pushrod I used was not adjusted able, so weld an extension and grind to suit. Hoppers had some good advice - gently probe that bleed port with a bit of fuse wire to make sure it is not covered.

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Re: Chev EK

Post by FireKraka »

That's great info Greg something I have also been having an issue with, not feeling as if the booster is working I will look into my own issue a bit better now.
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