Holden EK 215 "Rare Standard Auto" Snowcrest White

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Re: Holden EK 215 "Rare Standard Auto" Snowcrest White

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Steve Jackson wrote:Couldn't remember what we paint for it, was it that much? ;)

Hard to put a value on it now days. Regular 215's in similar condition are fetching over $20k

I think of Larry when I am on my way to Dr Terry's every time I pass Berala Railway station :)

Sure was a find!
He didn't want to let it go for the 6k u offered but was in a very bad place and had no choice, unfortunately not much later he lost his job.. Think of poor old Larry everytime I see that car.

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Re: Holden EK 215 "Rare Standard Auto" Snowcrest White

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And I has second thoughts on buying that day too. Specially when Larry started the car in gear and the wheel went over my foot. :x

The car drove terrible and I almost walked away. It had four unmatched retreads :shock: Once they were changed the next day, it drove much better.

Back then when I purchased this car, there were a lot of great FB's and EK's for around the 6-7K I purchased some of them too :thumbsup:
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