Project 2.

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Re: Project 2.

Post by Blacky »

OK , stupid question maybe but that’s what I am good at - can you not use a solenoid and make an electric version ? Solenoid off a starter motor could be utilised , make the cables longer and hide it off the top of the rocker cover maybe down near the coil ???
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Re: Project 2.

Post by Brett027 »

Yes, you could do that. You could also put a small solenoid on each carburetor choke lever. It is limitless what you could do if you had the skills, time or money. On the other hand you could do what Holden did and then have a cup of tea and digestive.
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Re: Project 2.

Post by funkyscooter »

I like your thinking Blacky - and your attitude Brett. My thoughts went straight to solenoid, or spring, or even weighted assist. But I generally come up with the hardest ways to do the simplest things.
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